Preparing for the Latter Rain (8 CDs)


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As Christians, we’re generally aware of where God wants to take us. But how do we get there? The Lord has given us some very clear directions which we as a people can follow. We desperately need that blueprint in our hands. We need to know not only where we are heading but also what steps God would have us take to get there.

We should be asking ourselves, “How can I become more open for the Holy Spirit to do what He wants to do through me—in my home, in my church, and in my community? How can I be an empty vessel through which He can flow?” Knowing and acting upon the answers to these questions are critical to our arriving where God has directed us.

Join Pastor Bill Liversidge in this powerful 8-part audio series, “Preparing for the Latter Rain,” as he delves into the blueprint revealed in the Word and the steps God would have us take to accomplish His purposes for us individually and as a church. 8 CDs.

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