Over 70% of church members have lost their children or grandchildren to the world. They grieve for children and loved ones who are in the world and no longer in the church. Parents are wounded by this fact; they’re disheartened, discouraged, and not active in the life of the church. The “Reclaiming Your Children Back” series will change this!

It will bring healing, hope, and encouragement to church members whose children and loved ones left the Lord. It will build their faith in the Word of God and will show them how the Lord plans to save them and what He expects from family members.

We need not be disheartened! Church members will see the faithfulness of the Lord to His promises to save our children. This seminar not only addresses lost children but also grandchildren and other family members.  Time is running short.

This series places emphasis on the necessity of unity among believers. New ministry cannot begin until differences are set aside and brothers and sisters are united in the love of Christ.

This seminar is also appropriate for outreach to people in the community, providing opportunity for them to know Jesus and to draw them closer to Christ. They will see the relevance of the gospel in the Adventist Church and will come to know us as the people who know Jesus! Our friends in the community suffer from the same pain as we do as they lose their loved ones to the world. Some have been drawn to our churches and who are now fellowshipping with us as a result of attending this program.

Experience the Holy Spirit’s work that precedes the outpouring of the latter raina work that will bring about joy, healing, reconciliation, and unity in the body of Christ. Only then can the fullness of God be revealed to the community and the world around us. Reconciliation and unity will take place when Jesus is lifted up. His abiding presence in us will enable us to stop condemning and criticizing our brothers and sisters.

This seminar also focuses on preparing the church for evangelistic meetings, to stir up and activate members to reach out to souls around them. 

The messages in this series are effective in bringing about genuine revival and healing within the church.

The Power of the Cross is a series of Christ-centered messages that will help people see God with new eyesin a way that will prevent backsliding and actually restore the backslider to Christ. Experience the Holy Spirit’s work that precedes the outpouring of the latter rain, a work that brings joy, healing, reconciliation and unity to, and in, the body of Christ. This series is designed to prepare the church for evangelistic meetings and to stir up and active church members to reach out to souls around them. This seminar is also highly effective in bringing about genuine revival and healing within the church.

This series can be as an outreach to the community as well.

Victory in Jesus – In this foundational seminar, you will discover how to have a living, vibrant relationship with Jesus, resulting in a righteous and holy life filled with great joy, peace, and love. You’ll find freedom from the bondage to works and from the drudgery of only trying to do right. Instead you’ll find a life filled with joy and purpose. You will receive tools to build your relationship with Jesus so that you can be a loving and obedient Christian who is filled with God’s serenity, joy, and hope. We suggest this seminar as a prerequisite to all of the following seminars and studies.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit – The purpose and function of the Holy Spirit will shine forth with unusual clarity as we study passages from the life, teaching, and ministry of Christ together with other New Testament passages. Discover the true, biblical teaching of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and what will happen to the believer when the Holy Spirit is received. Church members will learn how to allow the resurrected Christthrough the daily anointing of the Holy Spiritto complete His ministry of revealing the Truth to the world through Christ in them.

The Sanctuary: God’s Salvation and Restoration Model

Seminar on the Book of Revelation 

Bible Principles of Interpretation 

Why Jesus Rose on Sunday?  Powerful evidence for the reason why Jesus rose on Sunday. The truth behind the three mountains in the Bible that bring forth the biblical and historical validity of the Lord’s daythe seventh daysabbath!

This seminar looks at the sabbath from a unique perspective that will help people to see the gospel message in the seventh day as the day of rest.

The Power of The Word  This seminar will present the Word of God as the Living Word that has power in itself to accomplish what it promises. Church members will be inspired with newfound reverence and love for the Bible.

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