About Pastor Bill Liversidge

A native of Melbourne, Australia, Bill’s diverse ministry included working as a missionary in New Guinea for ten years, pastoring several congregations, and working as the Ministerial Director for the Columbia Union in the United States of America.

He studied at Avondale College in Australia; Andrews University Theological Seminary in Berrien Springs, Michigan; and Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.

Pastor Liversidge used a highly developed teaching style based on the inductive method. Able to overcome preconceived notions and limited perspectives, the inductive approach has led thousands of people to gain tremendous spiritual insights, convictions, and growth. The real power is in the Word, under the twin guidance provided by the Spirit and Christ’s Body, the church.

Bill’s students were highly motivated as they discovered for themselves the great truths of Scripture, as they studied individually and in groups. As Bill’s students studied, they made profound discoveries in the Word of God. The book of Revelation, especially, had begun to yield its secrets through the group discovery process. Many experienced life-changing encounters with God through these dynamic seminars, which were open to people of all faiths.

Bill’s commitment to the priesthood of all believers and the Biblical blueprint for church growth remained undiminished to the end of his life. As President of Creative Growth Ministries, Pastor Liversidge was dedicated to equipping believers with the biblical principles that would enable them to develop their spiritual gifts and move into effective ministry, so that they reveal Christ and His character through His living Body – the Church. All members are thereby lifted up to their maximum God-intended potential within the whole Body