The Relevance of Adventism (5 CDs)


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When God does something three times, we should sit up and take notice. In Revelation chapter 12, God raised up a movement three times. What is the common thread in these three movements that causes the enemy such stress? “Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” (Daniel 8:14) What is the sanctuary message? What is it all about? It is the complete ministry of Jesus Christ and what He offers to us through the plan of redemption.

“The Relevance of Adventism” shines light on the profound love of the atoning death of Jesus in the courtyard and the importance of the life-imparting blood that was carried into the sanctuary. The sanctuary message is much more than just a reference to something taking place in heaven; it was given to teach us about the cleansing of God’s children on earth that will once again reveal the righteousness of God in human flesh so that God is glorified. It’s all about Jesus! In this 5-part camp meeting series, Pastor Bill Liversidge calls for a return to the magnificent truth upon which the Seventh-day Adventist movement was founded: the beautiful sanctuary message. 5 CDs.

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