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An estimated 80% or more of church members grieve for their children, grandchildren, and loved ones who have left the church for the world. Many parents have become disheartened, discouraged, and no longer active in the church because of this grief. The Claim Your Children Back series will offer hope, healing, and encouragement to the listener. It will build your faith in the Word of God, which reveals His plan to save those you love and what He expects from family members. You need not be disheartened! Discover biblical principles to claim back your loved ones, and experience the faithfulness of the Lord to His promises. Watch Him unite your church family as you press together for the salvation of those you love.

Many Christians in your community share the same type of pain. They need healing from their wounds as well as hope. Share these messages with them so that they too can experience Jesus at a deeper level. This series is for everyone! Time is short!

Grant Agadjanian, President and Speaker of Creative Media Ministries, was born of Armenian parents and raised in Russia as an atheist. Following his compulsory service in the Russian army, Grant became seriously ill due to the harsh climate in Siberia. He spent six years in and out of hospitals. At the end of those six years, the doctors said that he had only one year to live. At that time a friend gave Grant a Bible, which he had never before read. As he studied it and beheld nature, the Holy Spirit convicted him that there is a God. Acting upon the principles in the Word of God, his health began to improve and was totally restored within a year. Grant and his wife moved to the United States, where the Lord led them to an Adventist church. Grant later met Pastor Bill Liversidge at a Victory in Jesus seminar in the year 2000. Gripped by the gospel and a desire to teach, he was discipled and mentored by Pastor Bill to share the good news.

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