Christ and His Righteousness

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A precious treasure waiting to be discovered by the present generation, this book is a breakthrough. It penetrates centuries of spiritual fog to rediscover the inhernt power of pure New Testament justification by faith.

With rare honesty and clarity, yet with love, the author puts his finder on the treu reason for our many spiritual defeats — unbelief.  Best of all, he demonstrates how to overcome that all-too-common sinful paralysis by –believing how good the Good News is. Here is spiritual sunshine.

Printed in many editions in response to demands from eager searchers in Australia, Europe, Africa, the Far East, and North and South America, Waggoner’s delightful volume is on its way to attaining the status of a classic.

Now published again with added precious messages from the author on the subject of Christ and His Righteousness, this volume will give the reader further insight into “the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


Ellet J. Waggoner (885-1916) abandoned a lucrative career as a diploma-qualified physician to pursue full-time his vision of Christ crucified as the basic theme of all the Bible. He became obsessed with the gospel, and as college teacher, editor, lecturer, missionary, and author, be inspired thousands in his day. He continues to speak in this heart-warming book and in his The Glad Tidings, which many regard as the clearest, most beautifully inspiring verse-by-verse commentary on Galatians available today.

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