Over 70% of church members lost their children, grandchildren to the world, they grieve for children and loved ones that are in the world and no longer in the church, parents are wounded by this fact, disheartened, discouraged and not active in the life of the church. The series “Reclaiming Your Children Back” will change this!

It will bring healing, hope and encouragement to church members whose children and loved ones left the Lord, will build their faith in the Word of God, and it will show them how the Lord plans to save them, and what He expects from family members.

We need not to be disheartened! They will see the faithfulness of the Lord to His Promises to save our children. This series and seminar are dealing not only with the lost children, but also with grandchildren, family members…And the time is running short…

The result of the series will be unity among the believers, new ministry begins in the church that is driven with strong motive – the salvation of their loved ones…

This series can be as an outreach to the community as well, giving them the opportunity to know Jesus, to draw them closer to Christ and they would see how deep and relevant the Gospel is in the Adventist Church. The Community will know us as the people who know Jesus!

They suffer from the same pain as Adventists as they loose their loved ones to the world. We have some non – Adventists that drawn to our churches and now coming to SDA church as the result of attending this program.

Experience the Holy Spirit’s work that precedes the outpouring of the Latter Rain, a work that brings joy, healing, reconciliation and unity to, and in, the body of Christ. When this is in place – then only the fullness of God can be revealed to the community and the World around us. The reconciliation and unity will be taken place as a result of lifting up Jesus, and not condemning or criticizing individuals.

This series also designed to prepare the church for evangelistic meetings and to stir up and activate church members to reach out to souls around them. The series of messages are also highly effective in bringing about genuine revival and healing within the church.

The Power of the Cross is a series of Christ-centered messages that will help people see God with new eyes, in a way that will prevent backsliding and actually restore the backslider to Christ. Experience the Holy Spirit’s work that precedes the outpouring of the Latter Rain, a work that brings joy, healing, reconciliation and unity to, and in, the body of Christ. This series is designed to prepare the church for evangelistic meetings and to stir up and active church members to reach out to souls around them. This seminar is also highly effective in bringing about genuine revival and healing within the church.

This series can be as an outreach to the community as well.

Victory in Jesus – In this foundational seminar you will discover how to have a living, vibrant relationship with Jesus, resulting in a righteous and holy life filled with great joy, peace, and love. You’ll find freedom from the bondage to works, and from the drudgery of only trying to do right. Instead you’ll find a life filled with joy and purpose. You will receive tools to build your relationship with Jesus, so that you can be a loving and obedient Christian who is filled with God’s serenity, joy, and hope. We suggest this seminar as a prerequisite to all of the following seminars and studies.

Keeping Your Faith in Crisis (Spiritual Growth) – Learn to further develop and maintain the relationship you’ve always wanted to have with Jesus, a relationship that strengthens and matures a faith that withstands the rigors of daily living and even end-time crises. This seminar bomb-proofs you against trials and crises, small and big, present and future.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit – The function and purpose of the Holy Spirit will shine forth with unusual clarity as we study passages from the life, teaching, and ministry of Christ, together with other New Testament passages. Discover the true, biblical teaching of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and what will happen when the Holy Spirit is received. Learn how you and your church can allow the resurrected Christ, through the daily anointing of the Holy Spirit, to complete His ministry of revealing the Truth to the world through Christ in you.

Spiritual Gifts – What are spiritual gifts? What is the difference between spiritual gifts and talents? How do I “get” a spiritual gift? Discover the answers to these questions – and more – in this seminar. You will discover what spiritual gifts are, and identify and embrace your unique gifting and the ministries that God has called you to fulfill. A congregation that truly understands spiritual gifts will develop small bodies within the itself for effective, synergistic ministry and witnessing.

The Faith of Jesus – How’s your faith? What is the Biblical definition of faith? What does it mean to be faithful in the Lord? Who are the faithful in Christ Jesus? How does anyone obtain faith, and what increases or strengthens it? How does the faith of Jesus impact the patience (or perseverance or endurance) of the saints? How are the concepts of faith, belief and obedience interrelated? Come with us on a journey digging in the Word, and grow in faith with us!

Kingdom Living – Kingdom living, what is it? How do I allow myself to be under the dome of which the King reigns? How does kingdom living ascribe worth toward others? This seminar opens the door to practical kingdom living by daily allowing the King to reign within our lives. Discover why the Bible uses metaphors such as marriage, the priesthood, and the picture of God to align His followers under the dome of which Jesus is King. Experience the beauty of Christ through a deeper moment-by-moment walk in the Spirit.

How to Study the Bible for Transformation! – Training for Inductive Bible Study and Teaching, I and II Learn how to mine God’s Word for life-changing insights that will forever revolutionize your understanding of God and how He works. Such Bible study will transform your walk with Him and will enable you to teach the Scriptures so that your students eagerly participate, discover, learn, treasure, and internalize life-giving principles of God and His kingdom. Your Bible study will be transformed as His Word comes alive with your discoveries of the behind-the-scenes details and the life-impacting principles of God and His Kingdom. Discover how the inductive approach to Bible study / teaching not only deepens the Bible student’s relationship with God and his understanding of spiritual matters, it also fosters a high level of spiritual maturity as the believer allows the Word to hold him accountable, considers how to put those truths into practice, and then obeys what God has shown/asked of him.

True Biblical Leadership – ​Instead of the flashy, self-centered styles of secular leadership, come learn life-changing, Godly leadership that impacts and changes those around the leader. Come join us as we identify styles of Godly leadership and the characteristics of a true Biblical leader. Your perceptions and expectations of spiritual leaders will shift from the secular to the truly spiritual, effective, and Godly.

Acts See what happens in the church and its community when the Holy Spirit permeates each member and is in charge of the church! This crystal clear awareness of the Holy Spirit’s role and power unites the church, matures believers, and fosters church growth.

Galatians If we’re saved by grace, not by works, then can I just live the way I want? Come journey with us through the book of Galatians to see with clarity the relationship of biblical grace and God’s law. Discover with us the real freedom in Christ for a life that is governed by God’s biblical grace and filled with His joy.

Ephesians Jesus has already died for my sins, so why doesn’t God just end this world and take His children to heaven now? Come find the answer to this and many other questions as we discover the revelation of God’s manifold wisdom to the universe. Come fall in love with Him all over again, as you see what He gives us, what He does for us, how He’s lifted the burdens from us, and how He grows us up into maturity in Christ.

Philippians In Philippians 1:6 Paul tells us that “He Who began a good work in you” will be the One Who “will complete (or perfect) it until the day of Christ Jesus.: How, then, are we to “work out [our] salvation”? What are our responsibilities in the salvational process, and which are the Lord’s responsibilities? Come discover with us how to actively collaborate with, and under, the Lord as he readies us for heaven.

Colossians Exactly how are we saved? Can you distinguish between the true and the counterfeit Gospels? What makes the false Gospel false? What makes the false Gospel so dangerous? We invite you to join us for this exciting study in the book of Colossians! See why Jesus has the right, authority, and power to rule and to save. Come learn how to recognize the false Gospel, cling to the true, and become immunized against the persuasive arguments based on the empty philosophy and traditions of men. Rejoice with us as Colossians brings to light the practical pointers that guide us toward a holy, Christ-centered life of love.

Hebrews In a unique and refreshing way, Hebrews thoroughly establishes Jesus as King and Savior, and delineates the superiority of His sacrifice and ministry over all others. Find real freedom from the tyranny of trying to be sinless, and find that He enables you to come boldly to His throne of grace in time of need! As you study with us, you’ll discover that Jesus’ sacrifice becomes real, personal, and powerful to you. You’ll find just how much He has done for you, and how much He does for you today.

Weekend Seminar on the Sanctuary as the model of God’s plan of Salvation and Restoration.
Very much Gospel oriented presentations.

Seminar on the Book of Revelation (focusing on the character of God and the Gospel in Revalation)

Bible Principles of Interpretation – seminar that will equip you to hear the Word and understand its deeper meaning.

Why Jesus Rose on Sunday? – Powerful evidence and the reason Why Jesus rose on Sunday….The truth behind the Three Mountains in the Bible that brings forth Biblical and historical validity of the Lord’s day – Seventh Day – Sabbath! and not in order to worship on Sunday, but to turn people from Sunday worship….
And also will will touch on the Sabbath from a unique angle that people will see the Gospel message in the 7th Day as the day of Rest…

The Power of The Word Weekend program – This weekend will bring the Word of God before you as Living Word that has power in itself to accomplish what it says… You will gain reverence and love for the Bible.

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